Live At Bats

Each and every sunday at our facility we will be hosting live at bats. We will have sessions for youth players 9-12 and 14-18. These will be a great opportunity for hitters and pitchers to get live work in throughout the off season and make sure they stay sharp.

What most people don’t see is the guys in the big leagues didn’t have a great season, or they want extra work, they will usually go play in a winter league in south america. I see numerous big leaguers every year who go down, and it is no surprise why. They either want to fine tune their game, or they need more reps. For most of us right now, with what is going on, this gives us a chance to get more reps, and stay fresh. The atmosphere is highly competitive and very fun for the players. Our live at bats sessions are very limited.

If you’re a pitcher who wants to throw live at bats, please reach out to ___________. Please send a video of you pitching with stats on your velocity, which pitches you throw, and stats from the year before if possible.