Youth Camp

Ages 7-13

Over the last 16 years top velocity has been helping kids of all ages develop healthy mechanics, that in turn increase velocity. At top velocity youth camp we take the same exact principles that we would use to train a professional athlete and create game environments for youth players that engage the player, ensure he is having fun, and drive him to want to improve his game. 

Our trainers know what it means to train our players at the highest level. There is no other program that has been able to get the results that we have consistently gotten, and it is because we stick to science. 

We use our technology to understand exactly what the player needs to improve, while using our experience to understand that kids need to be taught to love the game! Our top velocity trainers will ensure we lay the base of the foundation for our players so they can throw gas and be pain free in the long term. 

We help our athletes see immediate improvements in their pitching velocity, and by measuring their development we can see exactly how they are progressing. This helps the athlete stay hungry since the work they’re putting in is paying off!